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September 26, 2015 by islandersvoice1

IV taking offThe San Juan County Democrats (SJCDs) of Washington State are pleased to announce the launch of Islanders’ Voice, its new online news publication targeted at the general public of San Juan County. The SJCDs will continue to maintain its separate website for its official party business at http://www.sjdemocrats.org.

Islanders’ Voice will publish identical content on our three channels of distribution, all with the same name. These channels are: an Internet blog, a Facebook page, and an email newsletter. Readers can choose the channel that is most convenient for you.

Islanders’ Voice focuses on local, regional, and national news and issues of interest to citizens of San Juan County, including government, elections, the environment, health care, women’s reproductive rights, affordable housing, campaign finance reform, and voters’ rights. New content is posted each Saturday morning.

Islanders’ Voice is a volunteer-based publication, without paid staff. We do not pay for content, instead relying on the general public and local organizations to submit articles, opinion pieces (op-eds), book reviews, cartoons, comments, etc. We also publish links to content from other media sources.

Although Islanders’ Voice is a publication of the San Juan County Democrats, we encourage submissions and comments from across the political spectrum.

Content for all three channels, as well as comments for the blog only, can be submitted in either of two ways: 1) Click on Submit Content & Comments on the sidebar of the blog; or 2) Send it via email to islandersvoice@gmail.com. In order to be published, content and comments must conform with our Editorial Policy & Commenting Rules accessible through the sidebar on our blog. They are also subject to prior approval by our Editorial Committee. Anonymous posts and comments, and those under fictitious names, will not be accepted.

The blog can be accessed at http://www.islandersvoice.com. Comments to blog posts, which should be submitted as described in the preceding paragraph, do not appear on the Facebook page unless entered separately there. No comments appear in emails.

The Facebook page is accessible by entering Islanders’ Voice into the search bar at the top of your Facebook page. If you “Like” the Islanders’ Voice page, all new posts will appear automatically in your News Feed. New content cannot be posted directly on the Facebook page. Instead, Facebook content is automatically duplicated from what is posted on the blog.

Comments can be made on the Facebook page without prior approval. However, they will be removed by our Editorial Committee if they do not conform to our Editorial Policy & Commenting Rules, including the prohibition of anonymous posts and those under fictitious names. Comments entered on Facebook do not appear on the blog unless they are entered separately there. No comments appear in emails.

Posts made on the blog are automatically sent via email as a newsletter once per week on Saturdays to those on our email distribution list. This list was originally the same as that of the San Juan County Democrats. For those wanting to be added to the Islanders’ Voice email distribution list, send us an email to islandersvoice@gmail.com. Please also indicate if you want to be added to the separate list of the San Juan County Democrats. Email recipients can opt out of receiving future emails at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of each email.

The members of Islanders’ Voice editorial committee are: David Dehlendorf (San Juan Island), Pat Miller (San Juan Island), Mac Langford (Lopez), and David Turnoy (Orcas).

Please consider submitting content on any subject about which you are knowledgeable and passionate, and which would be of interest to your fellow citizens. The success of IslandersVoice depends upon its community. Islanders’ Voice will only be a success with active citizen participation.

We hope to see you back. And please tell your friends about Islanders’ Voice, including by forwarding our newsletter.

Go Seahawks!

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  1. Sue says:

    Well done! You have put in tremendous work on this site. Let’s get the readership!!


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